Come into a place with space. All of us need space to allow our, wounds, fears, and healing to take place. It’s ok not to be "ok", and it’s ok to be elated, all within a matter of moments. My songs are my testimonies. Having had to struggle with addiction, recovery, and fighting to live, I want to create a space for others to elevate and heal themselves. The voices, words and musical therapy of Alanis Morissette, Mavis Staples, Fiona Apple, and Bishop Briggs have enabled me to sink into their anger, joy, and longing.


I admire the celebration of weirdness these fearless performers offer us as an example of just how expressive we all are capable of being. These artists have shared their adversity and pain, which has, in turn, allowed me the space to feel, and express everything I was unable to. I create to help others heal themselves, as these artists have done for me. My voice and music are my connection to something bigger than myself.


If you’re not being authentically yourself, you do a great disservice to others. Isolation, loneliness, and disconnection are the feelings we often believe to be facts when in reality, they are feelings only. I want this sound to be respite where you can crawl in a get a hug, or through a tantrum, or just be still for a couple of minutes.  I want to invite you to meet the other seemingly lonely, isolated, weird people through music that connects us, letting us know we are never alone in our feelings or in this world. 


"...she tackles body dysmorphia and anorexia in another industrial, synth-laden gut punch.


Like fellow powerhouses Rachel Platten and Beth Gibbons, KylEast lulls you into a false sense of security before deploying her greatest asset: her cannon of a voice. Her words begin as hushed lamentations before leaping into a full rage..."

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